Writer's Block: Family Is…
What does family mean to you?

family as of now means nothing to me.
yeah some are there forever but i have in memory that before they were
my family they were people.
my family constantly disappoints me over and over
its like everyone is for themselves.
and to think they are all adults.


at one point in our life
we have ALL experienced betrayal.
maybe its from a lover,bestfriend,family member, or just anybody who you can love and trust.
maybe even a pet..
however we all know the feeling and believe you me!
its not a great one.
my way of dealing with betrayal is this
oh yeah i know that it is completly wrong
but i feel if you hurt me, im gonna hurt you 20x as bad.
im starting to grow out of that mind set because the people
i act that way with dont deserve it
matter of fact i believe know one does.
lets just say it my first step into maturity!

Writer's Block: Memories
What is the most memorable event of your life so far? What made it so special? Do you think you'll ever top it?

my most memorable event in my life so far is high school graduation day!
that day started off AWESOME!
and after receiving my diploma i was the happiest person alive.
but things happened which bought my mood down horribly!
however, i have a brother from another mother who is BEYOND AWESOME who also graduated that same day, but gave me the best graduation day EVER! i believe nothing will EVER top it! :)


im only 18 years old and just recently graduated from high school.
i dont believe i have experienced "life" just yet.
my mom has always done EVERYTHING for me.
and now that im going to college and will FINALLY be living alone.. i say my journey has began.
dont get me wrong i was given life but it takes many years for a person to say i have lived life.
i can say this i have encountered some of "life's" horrific situations.
ha. lets just say i have learned some lessons.
and have met some interesting people.
some who i can say will be there forever and some who were there only for a moment.
some who i thought would be there forever proved to be know better than the rest.
so i can finally say im letting go and is moving on because "life" is not a fairytail.
nothing last forever.
im not perfect by any means but when im wrong i'll admit it. :)

i blame me..
I blame me.
i blame me for allowing people to get to me.
i blame me for allowing my heart to be broken.
i blame me for losing my bestfriend.
i blame me for not letting go and allowing god.
i blame me for going to others with my issues about you instead of being 100.
i blame me for the attitude i walk with.
i blame me for everything that has happened in my life.
i can honestly say its my fault! :)
ha. the end.

im new here
but i just need to get things off of my
ever so loving mind!

Writer's Block: Lesson learned
The transition from youth to adulthood can be smooth or incredibly difficult. What is the most important lesson you learned since middle school, and how has it guided you?

middle school.. some lesson learned are the ones of just being yourself. my middle school years were the best but they had there moments because sometimes i would lose myslef to become friends with people who were no better than me.. however in high school i changed but the people there were just the same.. my advice is to be you and whom ever dont agree.. screw them :)


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